crystal cove sunset – stretching time

crystal cove sunset - stretching time

The first destination outing of the year, was initially a regular outing to the beach as the first negative low tide event of the year matched with sunset timing. Weather, specifically cloud cover, was presenting promisingly a few miles inland at extremely high levels which is always good for the end of the day reflecting color through the sky as twilight sets in. If you have viewed any of the coastal posts on this blog it is easy to see that Crystal Cove State Beach is one of the favorite locations which is due to the excellent rocky formations at sea level that can be used for focal points to bring the large views of the ocean into scale for you the viewer. There is also a love/hate relationship with this location.

The landscape at Crystal Cove has a very quick rise in elevation within the first mile inland affecting the sky enough to break up cloud cover as it approaches the coast for it to reform even stronger on the other side. So looking at the sky away from the beach to determine the trip to the beach being worth it is about the same odds as any state lottery. Photographic skills over time have had to adjust depending on what the real situation is at beach level as compared to what “could be” in the minds-eye.
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“stuck at home” – filament

Stuck at Home - Filament

A modification of the concept from the previous “Stuck at Home” project ‘smoke trails'; this project was born of an idea to find a fun and entertaining method of clearing out some old inefficient incandescent light-bulbs. Along with the needed setup and planning, this project introduced an element of injury, so a slightly longer timeline for the entire effort.

Total time: 4-5 hours

Ingredients for this project:

  • Supply of regular incandescent light-bulbs – not the new style of glass light-bulbs that actually contain a halogen core – ~$25 from any hardware store
  • Black/Dark background (optional) – the same Elmer’s tri-fold project board can be used as before
  • Table for setup (medium sized)
  • Shade-less lamp/work lamp
  • Power extension cord – with own switch preferable
  • Pliers (Snub and Needle nose)
  • Multiple large, thick ziplock freezer bags – <$6 at any grocery
  • Band-aids (Just in case…..)
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